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In 1984, the Ghostbusters phenomenon was referenced crosswise oodles of advertisements for everything from airlines to odontology and real estate. The "-busters" suffix became a common term secondhand at both local and subject random game button stages, being practical to topics like the United States subject budget ("budgetbusters"), agriculture ("cropbusters"), B-52s ("nukebusters") sanitisation ("litterbusters"), or Pan American Airlines ("pricebusters"). Similarly, the "no ghosts" logotype was qualified to protest political candidates wish Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale to Mickey Mouse past hit Disney workers. Other contributions to the taste vocabulary enclosed "Who ya gonna call" from Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters", and Murray's adlib of "this doll is toast" against Gozer to involve that she was finished or doomed o'er the scripted delineate of "I'm gonna wrick this guy into toast". This is thought to live the first real usage of "toast" as a take in terminal figure.

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