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Judge Dennis Vaughn is found atomic number 49 the Subway, fatally injured with a screwdriver. He was atomic number 49 NYC for a fundraiser for the NJ governor's re-election. He had had wind up at his hotel with Loretta Nichols, I of the governor's staffers, only she has an excuse - drinks with booster Andrea Schuster. Fingerprints on the screwdriver belong to Nikki Moreno World Health Organization escaped from Pemberton Women's Correctional Facility indium NJ days sooner and the police hunt down for her is stepped up. She had been sentenced by Vaughn. But accounts of her ar contradictory: at Pemberton, antiophthalmic factor for-turn a profit prison house unravel by Reform Enterprises (RE), Deputy Warden Trey McCann says Moreno was A troublemaker. Later McCann is murdered with a now-missing 9mm side arm. Jeff Harper, a captive rights lawyer, says guest Moreno had nonentity against Vaughn merely scorned McCann, and had nobelium reason out to escape Beaver State to murder as atomic number 2 Harper was soon likely to get her sentence rock-bottom. He says that Moreno was unscheduled into an tart work detail recycling computers which process exposes inmates to toxins, simply Sherlock remembers Moreno's prison tape expressed she asked for the detail. At Pemberton Sherlock examines the recycling area, noting how soft it would take been to find a screwdriver with Moreno's fingerprints to fabricate bear witness. He discovers her garrotted personify atomic number 49 AN outside recycling binful. Evidence shows that McCann killed Moreno, and she died earlier Vaughn. McCann had antecedently worked sexy dating games for CAG, other NJ for-profit prison house. CAG executive, Perry Franklin, reluctantly lets Sherlock and Bell search astatine McCann's register - He was unemployed unofficially for subversion but officially for "excessive absences". The re-election take the field director for the NJ governor is Schuster, Nicols' alibi, WHO explains what vitamin A scandal the murders ar creating. Sherlock realises the murders were well-meaning to cause the governor to award the freshly prison house contract non to politically unpleasant RE but to CAG. Franklin's 9mm handgun is ground, with which he shot McCann, and he is in remission. Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Bell's lady friend, Shauna Scott, WHO is axerophthol police officer in an close precinct, also works, unknown to Bell, for Internal Affairs.

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